We’re back from the holiday break and in this episode, we discuss the Reform Caucus or as we like to say the commie caucus, the dictate from Rep Marcia Ranglin, newly proposed gun legislation and plastic bag bans.


Reform Caucus:

The 21 Democrats opposing Speaker Mattiello have a name: The Reform Caucus
House Reform Caucus proposes rules changes
Mattiello gives ‘Reform Caucus’ platform a look

Rep Ranglin Dictate:

RI State Rep Levies Accusation of Racism Against Fellow Legislator UPDATED
No Madame Representative, You Are the Bully
Legislators’ Twitter dispute over R.I. education leads to charge of racism

Gun Control Legislation:

Link to House Bill H5022

Plastic Bag Bans:

Plastic bag ban effective next month
Florida brewery unveils six-pack rings that feed sea turtles rather than kill them

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