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Cannabis Shops open in Mass

Massachusetts marijuana stores to open Tuesday
Pot shops report sales above $2.2M in 1st week of operation
‘It’s not fair’: Leicester residents, pummeled by traffic, air complaints over pot shop problems

RI State Government Workforce

Political Scene: R.I. government workforce swells to 14,058 workers

Apex, Farina building, and eminent domain

Council rejects Apex plea, declares property blighted
Taking care of business: Mayor Lombardi celebrates demolition of bearing his caricature

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

Additional Rhode Island Companies Receive Innovation Vouchers
RICC Innovation Incentives
RICC Budget Presentation
RI State Budget Quasi-Public Agencies

RICAS Test Results

RICAS Results on the RIDE Website
Everything you need to know about the 2018 RICAS results

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